Boys Frog Training Urinal


The Froggy potty training urinal is perfect for your infant. Speed up the training process by months by creating a fun, enjoyable experience for them. Your toddler with have amazing fun practicing and aiming for the little windmill spinner. A wonderful product at a fraction of the RRP. This is one of our hottest selling products and stock is nearing the end of line. So grab a bargain today!

Item specifics:

  • Environmentally friendly non-toxic material.
  • Frog shape and rotating windmill creates a fun, game like experience for your little one. (Making them try harder without being conscious of the fact they are learning!)
  • Strong sucker can adjust the height of the item according to baby.
  • Large capacity ensure the urine will not overflow.
  • Urine groove separation design and light surface makes the item easy to clean.
  • Suitable Age:: 8 months-6 years old
  • Shape/Pattern: Frog
  • Package weight: : 0.333 kg