Little Lion / Little Hero Set

Baby Age

So adorable!

The 'Little Lion' or 'Little Hero' 2pc set is guaranteed to have your family and friends in absolute love.  The design couldn't make your little one any cutier!  Get yours today before we run out of stock.

High quality material and very durable!

0-3 Months
23cm Bust / 53cm Length / 41cm Pants Length

4-6 Months
25cm Bust / 38cm Length / 42.5cm Pants Length

7-9 Months
25cm Bust / 40cm Length / 43.5cm Pants Length

10-12 Months
25cm Bust / 41cm Length / 45cm Pants Length

13-18 Months
26.5cm Bust / 42cm Length / 46.5cm Pants Length

19-24 Months
26.5cm Bust / 44cm Length / 48cm Pants Length