Happy Pee Travel Unisex Urinal


  • One Happy Pee Travel Urinal
  • Fun for kids to use
  • Ideal for use during long car journeys
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • May be stored away easily
  • Leak proof lid
  • Easy to keep clean

Avoid nasty accidents in the car or on-the-go with Happy-Pee, featuring Froggy, Ducky and Cathy!

The Happy-Pee Portable Unisex Urinal is one of our best-selling products thanks to its adaptability and brilliant design and now there's a version specially made for little ones. Happy-Pee has an extendable body to make it small enough to stash in a bag or glove compartment, but large enough when fully extended to allow it to hold up to 375ml of liquid.

Happy-Pee has a leak-proof lid to avoid spills, and a cute, smiley frog face on the top to make it more welcoming to kids than the original Uriwell.

Happy-Pee is ideal for those moments out and about or on the road when the kids really need to go with no access to public toilets; it's also brilliant for wheelchair users or for use in hospitals.