Minnie Mouse Hoodie and Pants Set

Rose Red

Minnie Mouse comes in twos in this oh-so-cozy, super soft hoodie and pants set. With a hood featuring a pair of 3D ears and a Minnie face appliqué on the front accompanied by a pair of floral pants, your mini version will surely be snuggled up and reminded of the fun and wonder of the Walt Disney World.

12-18 months

Bust: 53cm/20.86"

Top's Length: 36.5cm/14.37"

Waist: 32-42cm/12.59-16.53"

Pant's Length: 37cm/14.56"

Shoulder: 22cm/8.66"

19-24 months

Bust: 55cm/21.65"

Top's Length: 38cm/14.96"

Waist: 33-34cm/12.99-17.32"

Pant's Length: 40cm/15.74"

Shoulder: 23cm/9.05"


2-3 y.o.

Bust: 60cm/23.62"

Top's Length: 39cm/15.35 "

Waist: 35-48cm/13.77-18.89"

Pant's Length :42cm/16.53"

Shoulder: 24cm/10.23"


3-4 y.o.

Bust: 62cm/18.11"

Top's Length: 41cm/16.14"

Waist: 37-50cm/14.56-19.68"

Pant's Length: 46cm/10.2"

Shoulder: 26cm/10.43"